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Welcome to Tatooine Dreams. She may not look like much but… well…I am not sure where I was going with that. Anyway, it’s just a little scoop of Internet where I can write stuff down so I don’t forget it and post pretty pictures of Star Wars stuff. I am consistently inconsistent and I write when I can, or when it occurs to me.

The site is parsed into sections in that weird WordPressy way, so to help, you can use the following links to navigate the asteroid field:


Books-  Reviews of some of the Star Wars books I have read.


Blog: Leveling on Tatooine- SWTOR and Star Wars posts archive.

Star Wars: the Old Republic- Posts related to the game and updates, sometimes has special exclusive information available to Bioware Influencers.

You can also find my Star Wars themed recipes at and my podcast at My new personal geek lifestyle blog is at


About me is a little information on who I am and where you can find me (virtually, that is) and where you can see my stuff on other people’s stuff. Videos and Pictures and Stardust Legacy Meme Factory have pretty and/or funny media.