Waypoint Ch. 4

To be fair, he always noticed females – of a variety of species – but this one seemed as if she so definitively belonged to this world that his attention was ensnared. On the dozens of worlds he had visited, in the Rim and the Interior, no one person had ever seemed like they belonged to their world more than this woman

Rebel Princess

A humble tribute to the once and always Princess of the Galaxy.

Goodbye, Princess

Fisher spoke many times over the years about her connection to Leia, for better or worse, and how much of one was in the other.

Waypoint Ch. 2

A braggart, that’s what you are, boy; a damn fool braggart, Giru thought as his arms strained to pull himself up the next meter of rock face. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, to boast about being able to scale the Celest Wall and slip into the Imperial garrison there, and…

Waypoint Ch. 1

An original story in progress, using a story-starter picture from Viseral’s upcoming Star Wars game. Written in installment by Stardust Legacy and Grognard GDG.